The following is a letter from Home Care Pulse CEO Aaron Marcum to all Home Care Pulse customers, regarding the launch of VANTAGE, powered by Home Care Pulse. VANTAGE provides home care business owners with the information and tools they need to build a successful home care business. Learn more about VANTAGE.

[separator, top=”20″ style=”single”] Today is a red-letter day in the history of Home Care Pulse. VANTAGE begins! We are excited to be able to bring our customers this premiere program for the home care industry. VANTAGE was created for you! Based on your feedback and preferences, we’ve designed VANTAGE to assist you in spending more time working ON your business and less time working IN your business.

All current Home Care Pulse customers will now have a free VANTAGE Basic Account. Your account isn’t changing—we are just updating it to a new look and adding some new features. You, and all of your office staff, will still have the same username and password as before. But when you log in for the first time in July, you will notice changes in the look of your account and the way you access the regular features. (If you have questions about your username and password, please contact us at [email protected].)

Spend some time exploring your account and learning the many features that are available at your fingertips. You’ll like what you see! The regular features are now easier to access—and the new features are exactly what you’ve asked for from Home Care Pulse.

A few of the new features you’ll notice:

  • An improved Dashboard with more tools and marketing materials.
  • A Report Builder that adds flexibility to your QSM Reports, including selecting which report to view and controlling the date range for those reports.
  • Page numbers on QSM Reports.
  • Access to 10 Performance Benchmarks with the ability to track your progress each month and compare your business to the overall industry.
  • VANTAGE University, containing tools and training to assist you with problem solving and business growth.

Home Care Pulse Customers who upgrade to the VANTAGE Executive Account (for just $79 per month) will have access to the Basic features above, plus many more Executive member benefits, including:

  • Monthly Executive Workshop Webinar, Success Tool & Action Plan Additional marketing tools.
  • Online interactive QSM Reports.
  • 15 Performance Benchmarks.
  • Executive Performance Benchmark Filters.
  • Upgraded listing.

For detailed instructions on how to access your account and an explanation of all the new features, please refer to the User Navigation Guide, posted in VANTAGE University. If you have any questions, please call us at (877) 307-8573 or email us at [email protected].

(If you are not a current Home Care Pulse customer, you can still sign up for a free VANTAGE Basic Account and access a number of features to assist with your business. To include our Quality Satisfaction Management Program in your VANTAGE Basic Account, measuring your client and caregiver satisfaction, please call us at (877) 307-8573 for more information.)

We understand the hard work you put into your home care business each day. Starting today, VANTAGE is here to help you work ON your business instead of IN your business!


Aaron Marcum
CEO of Home Care Pulse
Aaron MarcumAaron Marcum is the founder and CEO of Home Care Pulse, the leader in research, quality satisfaction and performance benchmarking for the private duty home care industry. He is also the creator of the annual Private Duty Benchmarking Study. Before starting Home Care Pulse, Aaron owned and managed his own successful private duty home care business in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aaron has a passion for helping this industry grow, and is well-known for his leadership among entrepreneurs in home care.

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