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We get it. You want caregiver training to be easy. We want that for you too! E-learning can help.

Like it the old fashioned way?

We get it. You want caregiver training to be easy. We want that for you too! E-learning can help. It’s easy to use, efficient, and affordable. But, is online learning really the answer to ALL your training needs?

The experts at the American Society on Aging explain that while online learning is great for simple knowledge transfer and knowledge testing, it falls short in teaching best practices, clinical skills, and decision-making effectively.

In health care, there will always be times when instructor-led, classroom training is the best solution. Your caregivers need specific, hands-on training in a supportive environment where they can explore tools, equipment, and care techniques, ask questions, receive feedback, and enjoy the camaraderie of connecting with their peers.

And studies show, “Blended learning that combines e-learning and face-to-face methods is suggested to support skills development for health professionals.”

What is blended learning?

A blended learning plan is a strategy that uses a combination of traditional classroom training with online learning. The mix or “blend” of training strategies is where the magic happens!

A blended approach gives you the options you need. Topics that require hands-on demonstration can be taught in the classroom, while others can be assigned online. For example, you may choose to assign an e-learning module on “Fall Risk Factors.” Then, follow up with an instructor-led demonstration in “Performing Safe Transfers.” A blended plan means you’re not stuck with just one delivery method!

We make blended learning easy for you.

Now, when you subscribe to intheknow‘s online learning portal,* you’ll automatically qualify for complimentary PDF inservice topics to build your Blended Learning Plan.

If you have . . .

  • Up to 20 learners, you’ll get 3 Free PDFs.
  • Up to 50 learners, you’ll get 6 Free PDFs.
  • Up to 75 users, you’ll get 9 Free PDFs.
  • 100+ learners, you’ll get 12 Free PDFs.

Each PDF course contains everything you need to teach the class to your entire team, in person. Each topic comes with a learner section for your caregivers and an instructor packet filled with group activities, discussion questions, printables, and more.

Not an intheknow subscriber yet?

For more than a decade, In the Know has been the only caregiver training provider with a true blended learning solution. Find out more by reaching out to a Caregiver Training Advisor today to request your personalized quote or demo.



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