What We Learned from the 2021 Home Care Growth Summit

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Even before COVID-19 turned all events virtual, a thousand agency owners gathered remotely for home care’s original virtual conference: the Home Care Growth Summit. This year, we hosted the second annual event and heard from some of the industry’s top experts. 

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Even before COVID-19 turned all events virtual, a thousand agency owners gathered remotely for home care’s original virtual conference: the Home Care Growth Summit. This year, we hosted the second annual event and heard from some of the industry’s top experts.

Although the 2021 Home Care Growth Summit has ended, we can’t help but continue to talk about all the great insight that was shared by this year’s presenters.

This event included three days of presentations: A pre-conference day (exclusive to premium ticket holders), day one (sales and marketing), and day two (recruitment and retention). As you might have noticed, the pre-conference day was something new that we added this year and included extra sessions from leading home care entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers, and healthcare referral partners.

Whether you were or weren’t able to attend, we still want to keep you in the loop. Here are some highlights from the event and what you can expect for next year.


We’re excited to have launched the pre-conference day this year. This new initiative gave premium admission attendees the opportunity to hear more content from entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers & referral partners. It also included:

  • Bonus sessions designed for multi-million-dollar agencies

  • Exclusive board meeting hosted by Stephen Tweed & panel of leading home care providers

  • Sneak peak of early results from the 2021 Home Care Benchmarking Study

While we can’t share everything (although we wish we could), we’re going to highlight a few stats that Erik Madsen shared from early participation in the Benchmarking Study survey. From the results so far, we’ve learned that:

  • Referral marketing was the top source of new clients in 2020

  • The median revenue for those who tracked every inquiry in 2020 is $2,088,439

  • Despite COVID-19, median agency revenue increased in nearly every revenue range

  • Caregiver turnover has increased since 2019

Don’t forget, you can still complete the survey by March 31st and receive $250 off pre-order.

Day One: Sales & Marketing

With day one of the Summit focusing on sales and marketing, we heard from a lot of great speakers about how you can improve your numbers and boost recognition across the industry.

These sessions included:

  • Home Care Marketing Then Vs. Now

  • Referral Marketing and Sales

  • 4 Data Points Every Agency Should Be Tracking

  • HR & Payroll for Home Care

  • Referral Marketing and Sales

  • Startup to Success

Day one started off with a presentation from Todd Austin, COO of Home Care Pulse, highlighting how marketing has changed over time and what the best agencies are doing to adapt. Here are some of the most important data points he shared:

According to this information, agencies that grew at a high rate spend 3% more on sales and marketing per year than those with negative growth.

From these high growth agencies, we’ve learned some of the most important steps you should be taking. These include:

  • Having a documented sales and marketing plan

  • Paying for results

  • Having a documented customer journey that cultivates referrals from past and current clients

  • Knowing where client acquisitions are coming from

Along with this, some of our other presenters shared their take on referrals and what you need to be doing to improve your sales/marketing process. To become a high-growth agency, you must be taking all the necessary steps.

Gregg Mazza, Founder/CEO of Home Care Breakthrough Solutions, emphasized the importance of differentiating your agency. In Gregg’s presentation, he shared that:

“High-growth firms are almost 3x more likely to have a strong differentiator.”

In practice, some of these differentiators might look like:


On a similar note, Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss shared that you can’t market the same way you used to.  One step in this process involves “targeting.” You need to understand who your target customer is and centralize your operations around that. According to Steve, your target customer is a NERD: need-based, elderly, have the resources to afford services, and are disabled or have dementia.

target customer

Day Two: Recruitment & Retention

The second day of the conference followed a similar format to day one, although focused on the two biggest issues in home care: recruitment and retention.

The takeaways we received from this day were insurmountable for agency growth. In fact, across all of these presentations, we found a common thread: You need to focus on your caregivers – what they want, what they need, and what motivates them to keep working.

Here are some quotes and data to back up those sentiments.

In this clip from the webinar, Cyril Vergis discusses the importance of making your agency the best, most enjoyable place to work.

In order to be successful with recruitment and retention you need to be identifying and portraying a strong brand image. Who are you? What do you want to represent? What do you want caregivers to recognize you for?

Adam Robinson of Hireology talked about this a bit in his presentation when discussing how to attract applicants. Your employer brand is important because it plays a part in all of the top things that job seekers need:

  • Answer: “What’s in it for me?”

  • Strong job descriptions

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Defined career paths

  • Benefits and perks

  • Current openings

There are a million (if not more) things that you can do to attract caregivers. We recommend starting from the ground up and asking them directly: “What can we do to make our agency a better place to work?” This will give you a baseline moving forward.

Emilie Bartolucci, Executive Director of Private Duty Home Care at NAHC shared with us a little bit about the importance of understanding caregivers and the research she’s done to back this up. Here are some of the problems she identified:

  • Workforce instability

  • Issues of attraction

  • High attrition

  • Low/unstable engagement

No matter where your agency is, it’s important to elevate the voice of the home care aid and give them the opportunity to grow, learn, and belong to a “community.” Here are the key recommendations Emilie suggests:

  • Invest in and establish relationship fostering activities

  • Develop and establish robust recognition programs

  • Offer flexibility and life-long learning opprotunities

The 2021 Growth Summit & beyond

We also wanted to give a big thank you to all our presenters and partners who made this year’s event possible.


Angelo Spinola headshot

Angelo Spinola

Shareholder, Polsinelli

Stephen Tweed

CEO of Leading Home Care and Founder of the Home Care CEO Forum
Kyle Bossung

Kyle Bossung

CEO, Senior1Care, Member of the Top5% CEO Mastermind Group
Krystal Wilkinson

Krystal Wilkinson

CEO, Adult Care Assistance, Member of the Top5% CEO Mastermind Group
Allen Serfas

Allen Serfas

CEO, Assistance Home Care, Member of the Top5% CEO Mastermind Group
Maureen O'Connor

Maureen O’Connor

Senior Solutions Manager, Applied Insights
Ali Dean - updated

Ali Dean

Chief Care Officer and Co-Owner of New Horizons
Marissa headshot

Marissa Snook

President/CEO, corecubed

Erica Horner

Home Care Sales Consultant, corecubed
Scott Holmes

Scott Holmes

Katie Gasser

Katie Gasser

VP of Community Relations and Client Services, Visiting Angels of Eastern Idaho
steve headshot

Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss


Guy Tommasi

Vicki Headshot

Vicki Hoak

Executive Director, HCAOA
gregg mazza headshot

Gregg Mazza

Mike Seamon

Mike Seamon

Senior Sales Manager, Viventium
Malk Trump

Malka Trump

Manager of Tax and Compliance Services, Viventium
qiana headshot

Qiana James

Linda Leekley

Linda Leekley

Chief Content Officer, Home Care Pulse & Founder, In the Know
Stacey Tavarez

Stacey Tavarez

Director of Clinical Content, Home Care Pulse (In the Know)
Emilie Bartolucci headshot

Emilie Bartolucci, MPA, CPXP

Executive Director, Private Duty Home Care at NAHC
Adam Robinson headshot

Adam Robinson

Todd Allen

Todd Allen

Ari Medoff

Ari Medoff

CEO, Arosa
Jeff Wiberg

Jeff Wiberg

Chris Dobbin

Chris Dobbin

Cyril Vergis

Cyril Vergis

COO, Arosa
laura headshot

Laura Shaw-deBruin

Executive Director, Norwood Seniors Network
kunu headshot

Kunu Kaushal

Erik Madsen

Erik Madsen

Todd Austin

Todd Austin

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If you’re looking forward to next year’s event, make sure to get registered to receive updates and information via email. We promise we won’t blow up your inbox but want to keep you informed as we start planning and organizing. And you may even see some special discounts for the event (but if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from us… that’s supposed to be a secret.)

If you need any extra incentive to sign up, here are some of the things we heard this year:

Overall I liked the energy. I believe owners love to connect with other owners, feeling like they are in it together, and the pandemic has made this even harder. So to be able to attend, and feel the collective enthusiasm for home care, and for the future was great. Of course, this was accompanied by helpful, actionable data that can be implemented. So rather than just a motivation tool, it also gave clear action items for success.”

“There was a wealth of qualified and experienced speakers who were able to share their stories and give insight into the industry and where they see it going. Great tips and pointers to help a struggling agency.”

“I felt like it reinforced many of the things we are already doing. Helped validate many of our current efforts. Several little ideas to increase effectiveness. Comforting to know that we are not the only ones struggling and trying new things to keep fighting forward.”

“Every session had at least one takeaway nugget. The sessions helped to jump start and organize my thinking for re-positioning my home care agency.”

“As a new scheduler for Home Helpers in Downers Grove, IL, I was excited to additional insight of the role. The summit shared helpful perspectives and information that will allow me to be successful in managing my responsibilities and making authentic connections with both clients and caregivers.”

“A lot of great tangible information. Great energy and a lot of guidance on things I hadn’t thought of before.”