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The new BestofHomeCare.com is here, complete with verified client reviews and exclusive, qualified leads. 

Here at Home Care Pulse, we’re excited about some major changes that are happening.

Many of you are already aware of BestofHomeCare.com, a website we launched in 2013 to help connect home care-seeking consumers with trusted and award-winning home care providers.

We’re pleased to announce that the website has been given a complete top-to-bottom redesign and relaunched with a host of new features including verified client reviews and exclusive, qualified home care leads.

Here’s what you can expect from the new site:

Detailed Agency Profiles

Reviews, contact info, and award information will be stored on agencies’ individual profile pages. These profiles will be landing pages that you can easily share online and doesn’t feature main menu navigation.

Profiles include a short bio provided by the agency as well as details including the types of services you offer, payment types of accept, and the geographic area that you serve. While geographic area was included on the old BestofHomeCare.com, we’ve made it quicker and easier to add the zip codes that you serve.

bestofhomecare.com profiles

Exclusive, Qualified Leads

Best of Home Care listings continue to be free to agencies enrolled in the Home Care Pulse Quality Management Program, but now they can opt in to start receiving home care leads. These leads are exclusive, meaning they’re not shared with any other agencies, and qualified, meaning that we ensure that the lead is legitimate before we hand it off to you.

When a consumer goes to your profile and calls the phone number or fills out an information form, the request is directed to a member of our US-based team. Our team qualifies the lead for you by gathering information that includes:

  • Full name of the contact

  • Their relationship to the lead

  • Full name of the lead

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Physical address

  • Services needed

  • Anticipated payment method

  • Other notes

This infographic helps explain the process:

bestofhomecare.com overview

Verified Client Reviews

Another central feature on the new BestofHomeCare.com is 100% verified client reviews. These are powered by the interviews that we conduct with clients and caregivers as part of our Quality Management Program, so consumers know that the authenticity of every review is guaranteed. Verified client reviews are a key part of our commitment to help home care agencies provide proof of quality.

Home Care Pulse will continue to support integration with Caring.com. Reviews passed to BestofHomeCare.com and Caring.com are unique to ensure there is no duplicate content.

Best of Home Care Awards

Along with verified client reviews, we help you provide proof of quality on BestofHomeCare.com by displaying Best of Home Care Awards your agency has won. While the old website displayed awards from the current year, your profile page on the new website will display all awards from past and present years. This was a highly requested feature that we’re including with the new update to better showcase your hard work and effort.

bestofhomecare.com awards

Besides these features, expect a brand-new, slick visual redesign and an easy-to-navigate user interface. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make the new site as intuitive and user-friendly as possible for consumers and agencies alike.

So, how to get started?

How to Get on Board and Start Getting Leads

Because it is our Quality Management Program that provides the reviews and ratings, you must sign up for the program to make a profile or get leads from BestofHomeCare.com. Once you sign up, you can simply follow a notification in your online portal to opt-in to BestofHomeCare.com at any time and create your profile to start getting leads. There is no additional fee to have a listing.

opting in to bestofhomecare.com

Opting in to BestofHomeCare.com is free once you are part of the Quality Management Program; you only pay for being a part of BestofHomeCare.com on a per-lead basis. While our regular pricing is $79 per lead, if you join before December 31st of this year you will receive a discounted rate of $59 per lead until your Quality Management agreement renews. There is also no contract for being a part of BestofHomeCare.com, so you may opt out of the site at any time.

You select the percentage of client interviews from the Quality Management Program to be randomly selected and posted to your profile as verified client reviews. Any Best of Home Care Awards you’ve won will be included in your profile as well.

Moving Forward

We’re excited for the opportunity that the relaunch of BestofHomeCare.com presents to all involved. Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to find award-winning home care, and to help quality-driven home care agencies provide proof of quality and expand their client base.

As we move forward with the launch, we’re eager to answer any questions you may have. If you’re already using the Quality Management Program, you can easily opt in to BestofHomeCare.com by following the notification in your VANTAGE portal.

If you’re not using the Quality Management Program yet, request a free consultation to learn more about BestofHomeCare.com and the quality management solutions that we offer.

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