As the main trade association of the home care industry, joining Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) should be a priority for all home care providers. According to the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study, providers who were members had 19% higher revenue than those of non-members. What does this mean for you? If you aren’t already a member of the Home Care Association of America, you are missing out on great opportunities to gain credibility and grow your client base. I joined the HCAOA in 2004 as a new home care owner and have seen many benefits from being a member–from industry advocacy and critical news to discounts on their annual conference.

Potential clients want to know they are getting the best care for their loved ones, and by joining HCAOA you show them that you are engaged in the industry. HCAOA members are held to the highest standards of home care and are expected to uphold the core values of “compassion, reliability, competency, respect, continuity, integrity and honesty,” while also abiding by all state and federal laws and regulations. By getting involved and becoming a member of the Home Care Association of America, your agency can gain a competitive advantage.

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The Home Care Association of America will not only help give you credibility as a home care provider, but they also provide many benefits for their members. Members have access to exclusive discounts as well as tools and educational resources like webinars, conferences and newsletters. Members are also able to use the HCAOA logo as a marketing tool. The association helps make members aware of the various resources available within the home care industry and encourages members to utilize these resources to assist them with their home care business. Joining the Home Care Association of America can only have a positive effect on your agency, whether it’s keeping you up to date on the latest legislative rulings that impact our industry or helping to increase marketing efforts, I encourage every home care provider to become a member. If joining HCAOA is something you’re interested in, I want to help you. Use promo code HomeCare-Pulse for $100 off your membership fee, and enjoy all the benefits of being an HCAOA member.

I hope you have a great month, and thank you for all you do to improve in-home care.

All the Best,

Aaron Marcum, Founder & CEO

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