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Winning a Best of Home Care Award is only the beginning. Learn how to make the most out of your award to attract and retain even more customers and employees than last year.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve either qualified for a Best of Home Care award, or you’re wondering what advice we’re giving the winners. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Your award is an outstanding achievement, and you should take time to truly appreciate the effort that went into this moment—then get to work. Winning a Best of Home Care Award doesn’t just recognize the high standard of employment and care your business provides; it gives you one of the most persuasive marketing tools in the industry when used correctly.

According to Michelle Lisk of SYNERGY Home Care, “Most of our referrals are word of mouth… Probably 45-50% of them ask about our awards…When they see that we’re a Leader in [Experience] for four years straight, we get questions. It’s a great start to conversations.”

Ready to achieve the same results? Here’s what to do next:

  • Involve your employees in the celebration

  • Make the most out of marketing your awards

  • Use your award to communicate value

  • Set new goals and keep improving


Involve Your Employees in the Celebration

Winning a Best of Home Care Award is, in very official terms, A Big Deal. While you understand the implications this has for your business, your caregivers may not—so tell them. Share your award with your staff and discuss the ways their individual contributions have led to your success.

Throw a party, take pictures with your trophy, or offer a gift to your staff members to thank them for their hard work and get them invested in earning the award again next year. Create a culture of recognition where everyone in your company understands the part they play and feels appreciated.

Make the Most out of Marketing Your Awards

Once you’ve properly celebrated your win—I recommend at least one victory lap around the office—double check your Congratulations email. You’ll find a link to a marketing kit filled with ideas for marketing your awards, sample press release templates you can send out to news outlets, high-resolution award logo files, and other resources.

Make sure to read the Award Use Guidelines, then get the word out. You can even order custom Award Marketing Materials, like trophies, plaques, banners, and lapel pins to show off your achievement to everyone who visits your office.

Use Your Award to Communicate Value

We’ve seen companies use their award logos everywhere, from their email signatures to decals on the side of their company van. If you’re stuck on how to use your award next, check out our Help Center article. It has over three dozen ideas to get you started.

The most important way to use your award is to share what it means with potential clients and caregivers. More engaged, satisfied caregivers means higher quality care for your clients. A commitment to training shows potential new hires that there are opportunities for growth waiting for them at your agency.

Set New Goals and Keep Improving

It’s easy for a sense of achievement to turn into complacency. Rather than taking your win as a signal to relax, use the excitement around your award to keep up the momentum.

Were there awards you didn’t quite qualify for this year? Create a game plan for what you’ll do differently next year.

This year, we announced the best of the Best of Home Care awards, the Top 100 Leaders in Experience. If you haven’t joined their ranks yet, you can check out their advice in the 2024 Best of Home Care Awards Webinar.

We’ve also announced award recipients for the Best of Home Care – Leader in Training. If you’ve perfected your client and caregiver experience, start working on your 2024 training plan.

And if you’ve already qualified for both the Top 100 Leader in Experience and Leader in Training awards? Take a second victory lap and keep up the great work, show off.

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