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‘What’s Love Got to Do With it?’ How to Create a Culture that Keeps Your Employees from Breaking Up with You

Feb 7, 2024|Webinars & Events|

Lasting relationships are built around making your partner feel recognized and appreciated. The relationship between post-acute care providers and their employees is no different. Unfortunately, that relationship is at an all-time low and turnover is spiking as a result. In fact, “lack of recognition” was the number one employee complaint in the last HCP Benchmarking Report.

Nursing Perspectives: How to Prepare for the Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Surge 

Feb 6, 2024|Webinars & Events|

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 @ 2pm est
The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. With the baby boomer populations aging, this number is expected to become 13 million by 2050. How do we as care professionals prepare for this surge? A handpicked lineup of specialized nurses will explore the following topics to help you expand your knowledge in the present while preparing for the future of Alzheimer’s and dementia-related care.

The 2024 Best of Home Care Awards

Jan 10, 2024|Webinars & Events|

“And the award goes to...” Join us on the digital red carpet as we recognize this year’s prestigious award winners in home care. Last year, hundreds of agencies across the country worked tirelessly to provide exemplary care throughout the industry. Now, we’re proud to recognize the best in home care with the industry’s most distinguished awards. 

Connect, Qualify, and Schedule Interviews Faster Than Humanly Possible —How HCP’s Newest Acquisition Will Help You Land Top Talent That Sticks

Oct 12, 2023|Webinars & Events|

You deserve complete support across the employee lifecycle. That’s why HCP just acquired Pre-Intent, an automated outreach solution for recruiting front-line talent for the long-term and post-acute market. This acquisition perfectly complements HCP’s solutions to offer providers a comprehensive support system across the entire employee lifecycle. 

Creating the Work Environment People Want—Become Certified as a Great Place to Work 

Oct 12, 2023|Webinars & Events|

In the last year alone, employee turnover spiked by 12%, resulting in a total 77.1% annual turnover rate. This never-ending revolving door of recruitment and retention is costing providers an average of $386,590 a year.  It’s time to unlock your recruiting advantage and recruit for retention. Great Place to Work certified companies are seeing a decrease in turnover by 50% with a 25% higher retention rate of millennial employees. 

Driving Retention and Satisfaction: Tools for a Better Workplace

Aug 16, 2023|Webinars & Events|

Tuesday, August 29 2023 @ 2pm EST
High employee turnover remains a formidable challenge for post-acute care providers of all sizes, with about 40% of turnover happening within the crucial initial 100 days of new hires. Join HCP's VP of Sales, Josh Kondik, as he addresses this issue, providing insights and tools to effectively tackle the complex problems associated with employee churn.

Ep.19: Keeping Your Care Staff: Simple Strategies to Retain Care Staff for 5+ Years

Aug 8, 2023|Podcast|

At Synergy Home Care of Carlisle, PA, franchise owner Michelle Lisk’s very first employee is still working alongside her to provide care to their community. With turnover reaching a staggering 77% in home care according to this year’s HCP Benchmarking Report, how is it possible to retain your staff long-term? Michelle credits her success to a few simple strategies, and in this live recording of Vision, the Care Leaders’ Podcast, she’ll share them with you. Come prepared with your retention questions for this exciting interactive session.