About Miriam Allred

Miriam is a Project Manager at Home Care Pulse and comes from a background in traditional and digital marketing. Previously, she worked at a radio broadcasting group, social media ad agency and a freelance web designer/graphic designer. Miriam has helped local businesses achieve great success through marketing strategy and execution. She's explored and added value to many different industries, but now finds herself passionate and motivated to help the home care industry grow.

Ep:21: NY Trade Organization Launches Caregiver Mentorship Program to Help Reduce 90-Day Turnover

Dec 1, 2020|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast|

NYSHCP, President Kathy Febraio has developed and secured funding for a peer-to-peer mentorship program for home care workers in the state of New York. They’re four months into a year-long program, working with 6 home care agencies in upstate NY and NYC. Kathy’s here to discuss how she developed the program, the results so far and what they hope to accomplish over the next 6 months.

Ep:19: How Home Care of the Rockies Built a Caregiver Training Program that Retains 90% of Caregivers

Nov 17, 2020|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast, Training|

Sandi McCann, Founder and CEO of Home Care of the Rockies in Boulder County, Colorado talks about building The HomeCare 100 — a 100-hour caregiver training program custom to her agency. She'll unload why they built a custom program, how they pulled it all together, what's included in the 100-hours and what recruitment and retention results have derived from this exceptional training program.

Ep: 18: How to Tackle, Staffing, New Client Demand and Team Accountability, According to Gregg Mazza of Home Care Breakthrough Solutions

Nov 10, 2020|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast|

Gregg Mazza, Founder and CEO of Home Care Breakthrough Solutions is here to talk about the big three challenges impacting the industry: staffing, meeting new client demand and holding your entire team accountable. From growing his own agency to $5M+ to consulting with hundreds of home care providers, he's got a solid understanding of these challenges and new ideas to tackle them in the present day.