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Letter From the CEO: The Power of Data

It’s been another great month. With the launch of the new BestofHomeCare.com in May, we’re excited about the ongoing changes happening at Home Care Pulse and throughout the industry. One major highlight this month is our webinar “Turning Client Feedback Into Increased Revenue” by Kire Madsen, [...]

5 Tips for Client and Caregiver Compatibility

As a home care owner, how do you maintain the happiness in your business? What do you do if a client or a caregiver is unhappy or unsatisfied with their care? Balancing the internal operations of the company like scheduling or billing can be difficult when you have a [...]

5 Secrets to Combating Negative Reviews About Your Home Care Agency

Feedback, whether positive or negative, needs to happen for any business to grow, gain credibility, and build trust. Perhaps you have problem caregivers or need to incorporate a caregiver mentor program for proper training. Maybe your office staff isn’t up to speed on how to adequately schedule caregivers.  Bad [...]

6 Self-Care Tips for Staying Well As a Home Caregiver

Caregiver burnout is a real problem for individuals who work to improve the lives of others. There are mental, physical, and emotional effects that come with supporting another human and doing everything you can to make them comfortable. Even low-maintenance clients can give home caregivers emotional burnout over time. [...]

How Much Is Caregiver Turnover Really Costing Your Business?

As a business owner, you focus on how to reduce costs just as much as how to increase revenue. It's easy to direct the majority of this focus on ways to reduce marketing costs and fixed operating costs. Other costs, like those associated with caregiver turnover, are often overlooked or clumped [...]

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