Caregiver Satisfaction

What Caregivers Search for When Seeking Employment

Are you one of the 63% of home care providers reporting caregiver shortages as the single greatest threat to their growth? Rather than stressing over this issue, get ahead of it by reevaluating your business structure and learning what caregivers are seeking in an employer. After conducting thousands of interviews [...]

5 Tips for Client and Caregiver Compatibility

As a home care owner, how do you maintain the happiness in your business? What do you do if a client or a caregiver is unhappy or unsatisfied with their care? Balancing the internal operations of the company like scheduling or billing can be difficult when you have a [...]

Creating Your Caregiver Mentor Program

When you hire a new caregiver to join your home care team, providing them with a mentor could help them feel more confident in their skills as a caregiver. Having a mentor program in place, you will be able to strengthen the bond between your caregivers and provide them [...]

Caregiver Retention Begins with Recruiting

It’s likely your agency is among the many struggling with recruiting and retaining caregivers as demand for services grows. With the increased need for in-home care services for seniors over the coming years, setting yourself apart as the home care agency to work for is increasingly important as being [...]

Breaking Down 3 Components of Caregiver Turnover

As a home care business owner, there are significant obstacles we've noticed that directly affect your ability to meet the needs of your caregivers and your clients. The following three create somewhat of a trifecta, which can hinder your success if you don't develop a strategy to overcome them: [...]

Resources to Help Reduce Caregiver Turnover

Based on the data collected from home care companies over the years, it's evident both caregiver recruitment and caregiver turnover continues to dominate concerns within the industry. As an increase in elderly in need of assistance creates a swell in demand, now is not the time a home care [...]

Client Satisfaction: Being the Home Care Provider You’d Want for Your Parents

Most adults have their first encounter with home care as they are helping their parents (or a parent) in their search for a caregiver. After months or years of balancing their work and children's activities with taking a parent shopping or to doctors appointments and helping with household chores, [...]