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Ep:39: Red Shoes Living: 5-Step Framework to Stand Out in Business and in Life

Apr 14, 2021|Categories: Podcast|

Lonnie Mayne, Founder of Red Shoes Living is a world-renowned speaker and author on humanizing the experience. He's here to share the 5-step framework of his philosophy: Red Shoes Living. Learn how to build enriched culture, establish leadership responsibility, develop team accountability or create standout client experiences through this 5-step framework that's designed to help individuals show up and put their best self forward every day.

Ep:33: 5 Secrets to Master Home Care Scheduling

Feb 23, 2021|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast|

Olivia Jones, Executive Vice President of Care Advantage Inc. has been working in personal care for 23 years and is here to highlight five secrets to improve your home care scheduling processes. In this episode we'll discuss: - What the five secrets are - How Olivia has seen these secrets work effectively across their 27 locations - What results you can expect to see from implementing these secrets

Ep:32: 7 Tips to Recruit, Retain & Manage Caregivers: From a Home Care Agency Patient Turned Owner

Feb 16, 2021|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast|

Brett Ringold, Vice President of family-owned agency, A Long Term Companion is here to highlight his decade of experience recruiting and retaining caregivers after having been a recipient of home care himself. We'll dive into office staff culture, mastering caregiver scheduling, measuring caregiver satisfaction, refining your onboarding process and much more. Tune in to learn tips that you can begin implementing in your home care business today!

Ep:31: Educating Your Staff About the End of Life Experience with Renowned Author, Barbara Karnes

Feb 9, 2021|Categories: Grow Your Agency, Podcast|

Barbara Karnes, author of 'Gone From My Sight', 'The Little Blue Book' and 'The 11th Hour' shares what she's learned from 40+ years of experience educating and training care workers on the end of life experience. She's known as the pioneer of the hospice industry and with over 30 million copies sold of her books, she's the expert on all topics around death and end of life.