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Maintaining Your Clients' Dignity

Course Syllabus

An overview of the top ten health threats facing men today, including heart disease, prostate cancer, accidents, stroke, COPD, diabetes, pneumonia, suicide, kidney disease and liver disease. Includes tips for how nursing assistants can help their male clients improve their health status and enjoy a higher quality of life.


Discuss possible reasons why life expectancy is shorter for men.
Name at least two bodily changes that occur as men age.
List at least five of the top ten health risks for men.
Discuss how many of these health threats are related to lifestyle.

Audio: No
Course Length: 1 hour(s)
Audience: Home Health Aide; Hospice Aide; Nurse Assistant - CNA; Personal Care Aide
CE Credit: 1 hour(s)
CE Approval Statement: In the Know is an approved provider of online CNA continuing education in 49 states. (Exception: The state of Delaware provides free continuing education to all Delaware CNAs.)
Disclosures: The authors, planners and reviewers of this educational activity declare no conflicts of interest with this activity. There are no commercial interests or sponsorships related to this educational activity.

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    Course Code: ITK1040244

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    State Code: FL BON CE Provider#: 50-16953, Topic Approval Code: 20-481297; CDPH Approval: NAC# 7036