A Groundbreaking Solution for Soaring Turnover Rates in Post-Acute Senior Care During the Pandemic

A Groundbreaking Solution for Soaring Turnover Rates in Post-Acute Senior Care During the Pandemic

About Retain

Retain is the ultimate solution for reducing employee turnover rates, especially during the first 100 days when the risk is at its peak. By completing just one survey, your employees’ likelihood of separation is cut in half. When coupled with proactive engagement from post-acute care managers, individual turnover rates drop by an impressive 65%.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, turnover rates in post-acute senior care soared and the need to retain employees reached desperate levels. Prior to the pandemic, the senior care sector averaged a 52% turnover rate. When COVID hit, that rate skyrocketed to a staggering 73%. Retaining employees became a daily struggle.

Senior care providers turned to Pinnacle Quality Insight in dire need of help. One provider in particular was experiencing a turnover rate 1% worse than the industry average at the outset of the pandemic. They asked to remain anonymous, so we’ll call them Company Y. Company Y needed a way to stop the exodus of employees—particularly new hires—during this tumultuous time.

Retain was the solution.

By regularly checking in with their new hires during their first 100 days, Retain helped Company Y keep their fingers on the pulse of these employees, highlighting areas of satisfaction, engagement, and progress, while flagging signs of potential separation.

These small steps led to big results. Company Y’s turnover rates went from 1% worse to 11% better than the industry average, saving them $2.3 million—despite the pandemic.

“We were blown away by the difference Retain made in our new hire retention, so we really doubled down on our employees and managers using the software. Even though 2020 brought unforeseen challenges, we were able to offer better continuity of care to seniors, while at the same time saving money on hiring and training employees.”


5 Ways to Retain Your People

After conducting thousands of employee surveys, we’ve found the top 5 proven strategies guaranteed to reduce employee and customer turnover—and we’ve broken them all down.

Partnering with Pinnacle was an unequivocal win.

While the pandemic may be over, the staffing crisis remains a major threat to the success of post-acute care providers.

Nearly 40% of new hires leave within the first 100 days, and at an average cost of $4,000 to replace them, some organizations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruitment, training, and onboarding.

Keeping more of your people is paramount to your success. And just like it did for Company Y, Retain can play a pivotal role.

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HCP’s Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.

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Keep your people

Home-based care providers know they face an employee turnover crisis. What they don’t know is that it’s during the first 100 days after hire that they’re losing 40% of their staff. Retain zeros in on engaging employees in their first three months on the job.

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With Retain, you can keep your team members engaged, happy, and on the job – all while saving time and money in the process.

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