Visiting Angels of Carlisle Says Satisfaction Data is a ‘Game-Changer’ in Referral Partnerships

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About Visiting Angels Carlisle:

Visiting Angels Carlisle is the leading provider of home care services for elderly adults in Cumberland, Franklin and Adams Counties in PA. They are proud to help local seniors safely and comfortably age in place by providing assistance with everyday activities.

With their senior care services, elderly adults can continue to live independently in their own homes.

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When Visiting Angels encouraged all franchisees to start using Home Care Pulse’s monthly client/caregiver surveys, Visiting Angels of Carlisle’s owner Richard Ruda wasn’t sold on it.

Fast forward a couple years, and he’s not only using our program but says it’s one of the pillars of growth for his business.

“Our business success is like a three-legged stool; it now rests on our relationships with three key indispensable partners,” says Richard. “Those three indispensable partners are our marketing agency, our hiring software, and Home Care Pulse.

“Once we had those three relationships where they needed to be, we had the best quarter in the company’s history.

“When someone is looking for home care opportunities, they’re everywhere. To stay relevant within the community, you have to have a niche and you have to have a way to prove that you’re the best.”

How They Use Satisfaction Data in Their Marketing

We asked Brandi Hollar, Richard’s PR/marketing rep, how Home Care Pulse contributes to the marketing side of the business.

The rest of this article is in Brandi’s own words:

“From a marketing aspect, it’s amazing to have the data that we get Home Care Pulse [showing client and caregiver satisfaction scores]. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but to actually be able to show third-party proof about happy clients and caregivers is invaluable.

We use it for a few different things. When we started winning Best of Home Care Awards, we put those award logos in our emails, which has prompted several conversations with community referral sources. At events with case managers, we print out the data sheets and put them in portfolios so they have something they can take back to their organizations and discuss. We even hang the scores and the awards in our office so potential clients know what to expect from us.

Real Data, Real Marketing Results

“There have been multiple times where having that data sealed the deal with a referral partnership.

There’s a large organization local to us who works with home care, home health, and hospice, and could potentially refer us many clients when they can’t staff them. A while ago we reached out and went out to lunch with them.

Having that data on the table in front of us, it got a lot of looks. It was, ‘Wow, you can actually say this and back it up.’

Before they left one of [our competitors] actually said, “I want to have that data too. How do I get that?”

Brandi Hollar, PR/Marketing Rep, Visiting Angels of Carlisle

We were completely honest. We included the good, the bad, and the ugly. We wanted to be transparent about who we are and who our caregivers are.

Having that data for them to keep was the game changer in that meeting. They left the meeting wanting to forge ahead with a professional relationship. Before they left one of them actually said, “I want to have that data too. How do I get that?”

They arrived as a competitor; now we refer back and forth. We were able to solidify a relationship with a competitor because of the data Home Care Pulse gave us.”

“I want you to remember this”

Whenever you talk to referral sources, everyone talks a big game. Everyone says they’re the best.

But whenever I talk to referral sources, I can say, “Actually, look at these charts. I want you to remember this. You would want your family being taken care of by this company.”

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Like it the old fashioned way?

Seal the deal with more referral partners.

If you aren’t using third-party to prove quality with referral partners, you better hope your competition isn’t doing it either.