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5 Trends to Overcome Home Care Sales & Marketing Challenges in 2022

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 | 3:00pm EST

Home care sales and marketing looks a lot different than it did two years ago; but there’s good news. With the release of the 2022 HCP Benchmarking Report, there’s now plenty of data to help home care agencies choose the right strategies and channels for their business.

The State of Home Care in 2022

As "these unprecedented times" became the day-to-day, agencies changed up their strategies, pioneered new approaches, and thrived in 2021.

How to Construct a Home Care Operation Model That Builds Leaders

A lot of focus has been placed on your caregivers—for good reason, but where does that leave you and your office team? You’re not exempt from burnout, uncertainty, changing schedules, and daily operations. The job satisfaction, day-to-day workload, and well-being of yourself and your team are equally important as that of your caregivers.

2022 Home Care Growth Summit

The 2022 Home Care Growth Summit is a 2-day (+ pre-conference) virtual initiative designed to bring together 32 leaders from the home care industry to share their knowledge, experience, advice, and expertise. Even better—general admission is completely free for this year’s conference.

How to Maximize Your Use of HCP Experience Management

There's probably a gap between your ideal client and caregiver experience and the experience they're actually having with your agency. Understanding where those gaps are, and what you can do to fill them, is key to your agency's success.

How to Maximize Your Use of HCP Reputation Management

Let's face it: potential clients and caregivers care a lot more about what your current clients and caregivers say about your business than what you say about it. With that in mind, we're ramping up our efforts to help our customers maximize their use of HCP Reputation Management (formerly Review Manager).

2022 Best of Home Care Awards Webinar

We made it to 2022 – let’s celebrate! Agencies across the country haven’t just continued to endure some of the hardest years to date—they’ve also managed to earn the industry’s most prestigious awards for best-in class care. Join us as we celebrate the home care providers that qualified for Best of Home Care Awards in 2022 and discuss what agencies can learn from our winners to qualify for an award next year.