Home Care Pulse® is pleased to announce the 2015 Best of Home Care® Award criteria. The new award criteria for Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice, Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice, and Leader in Excellence awards are effective January 1, 2014, and will be applied to Best of Home Care awards presented in the 2015 calendar year.

Best-of-Home Care Provider of Choice

2015 Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice Award Criteria

  • Be a Home Care Pulse Certified business for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  • Have a minimum of 10% of active client and/or caregivers interviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Qualify above the 50th percentile in one or more client and/or caregiver satisfaction categories within your geographic region (see region map below).

Geographic Regions for Best of Home Care Awards

“Due to the large increase in home care providers across the nation who are now using the Home Care Pulse services, we are pleased to be able to measure client and caregiver satisfaction at the regional level instead of the national level.” stated Erik Madsen, COO of Home Care Pulse. “We see that clients’ expectations for quality in-home care and caregivers’ employment satisfaction levels vary based upon the area of the country in which they live.

With the new regional rankings, the Best of Home Care Award is based upon how you compare against home care providers in your same geographic region, and we believe this will provide a more accurate measurement of how your home care business compares to the competition.”

Leader in Excellence Award2015 Best of Home Care – Leader in Excellence Award Criteria

  • Be a Home Care Pulse Certified business for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  • Be a Best of Home Care Award winning provider in 18 or more client and caregiver satisfaction categories during the previous 12 consecutive months.
  • Complete a minimum of two client and two caregiver satisfaction interviews per month during the previous 12 months.
  • This award is presented each January based upon results during the previous calendar year.

In addition to the new regional measurements, in order to qualify for the 2015 Best of Home Care Awards, providers must have a minimum of 10% of active clients and/or caregivers interviewed by Home Care Pulse on a monthly basis. “It is very important that we are measuring performance the same for all home care providers. We feel the most accurate and fair way to accomplish this comparison is to base the results upon the actual percentage of interviews completed rather than just the percentage for which they were registered,” stated Erik. “In the past we’ve had a few of our customers who were unable to have a minimum of 10% of their monthly interviews completed because they had not updated their dashboards recently or had not sent out the six-month client/caregiver inform letters in order to prepare their clients and caregivers for a phone call from Home Care Pulse.”

Erik strongly suggests that all home care providers review their dashboard at least once each month to make corrections. Providers should also send out updated inform letters every six months. Those who are actively involved in updating their accounts and informing their clients/caregivers of their partnership with Home Care Pulse usually do not have issues with completing the minimum 10% monthly interview requirements.

For the most updated inform letter templates, please visit the Resource Center located within your online Home Care Pulse account.