7 Inexpensive Ways to Reward Your CNAs!

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There is nothing more uplifting for a CNA (or any employee for that matter) than when they are recognized for a job well done.

Like it the old fashioned way?

Bhere is nothing more uplifting for a CNA (or any employee for that matter) than when they are recognized for a job well done.   Many employees feel that their boss is quick to point out any deficiency or mistake, but feel that getting positive reinforcement is difficult and infrequent.   If your nursing assistants are deserving of recognition, here are a few ways to show them that you appreciate it…without spending a dime!

  1. Send them a handwritten note. A CEO of a Fortune 500 company frequently handwrites “thank you” notes on $2 bills.   In more than 3 years of doing this, only one employee has asked if the bill could be spent.   This tells us that instead of spending the $2, the employees prefer to keep it as a positive memento
  2. Share the love. Ask each employee to write something down about an exemplary aide who has earned their respect and admiration.   Put all of their comments into a small picture frame and give it to the aide.
  3. Up-front parking. Create a sign for the best parking space at your office or facility.   The sign should read: “Employee of the Month,” or something similar.   Make the right to this parking space competitive, and you won’t believe what lengths your aides will go to in order to win the competition, and the parking space.
  4. TGIF. Allow a deserving CNA to take off early on a Friday afternoon.   This may not be possible due to client care responsibilities, but if you feel that you can get along without the aide for the afternoon, offer him or her the rest of the day off.   Naturally, you’ll want to treat these few hours off as time “on the clock” as a reward for this employee.
  5. Well days. Many people can relate to this:   You need a day off.   You may have something really important to do, or you may not.   So you decide to call in “sick.”   Most of the time this makes you feel guilty about missing work, right? Reward a job well done by allowing your employees to earn “well days.”   These are days off when an employee can do whatever they need or want to do, but does not have to fib about feeling ill.
  6. Rank and Title. It may or may not come with a raise in pay, but if outstanding aides continue to show that they are responsible and accountable, offer to add “Senior” or “Shift Leader” to their title.   It is amazing how much pride your new leaders will take in this small gesture.
  7. Go public. Create and distribute a company-wide newsletter detailing an employee’s exemplary performance.   This will honor that particular nursing assistant, while creating motivation for the rest of your staff.A quick “thank you.”   The most cost effective way of acknowledging hardworking employees is to simply thank them…and it only takes a second.   Everyone appreciates being appreciated.

If one or more of these rewarding gestures appeals to you, give them a try with your staff.   Then, come back to this blog and let everyone know what the response was to your show of appreciation.   We would love to hear from you!

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