This week,  Kristi Larson, Satisfaction Research Center Manager at Home Care Pulse, shares her insights on caregiver satisfaction.

Caregivers are a special kind of people. They don’t work just to live, like most of the world’s workforce; they work for others to live. Their personal sacrifices and selfless motives are limitless. To us, they are the unsung heroes of home care. You owe it to them to help make sure that they’re satisfied with their jobs and with your agency, and you owe it to your clients too. In fact, employee satisfaction will benefit you greatly by decreasing costs from turnover, improving quality of care, and increasing referrals. Home Care Pulse has access to caregiver feedback from 1000s of sources on a daily basis, and provided our experience we testify that driving employee satisfaction may be easier and less expensive than you think.

Key Factors for Driving Employee Satisfaction
  • Expression of appreciation- a simple “Thank you” goes a long ways
  • Interest in more hands-on training and learning real skills to help their clients
  • Knowing what to anticipate- being informed of the needs of the client before entering the home
  • Clear communication- expectations of responsibilities & proper behavior should be established
  • Matching caregiver skills with client’s needs
Other Tools for Driving Satisfaction
  • Gas Cards
  • Socials or Parties
  • Newsletters
  • Simple Trinkets

These tools can help promote and honor outstanding performance or reward caregivers for providing referrals.

When it comes to employee satisfaction, the little things can go a long way. Remember that raising wages, while important in its time and place,  is not the fix-all solution. You might be surprised to find out that pay is rarely mentioned in our findings, and if it is it is usually last on the list.

Make a note of these simple factors for driving employee satisfaction and we have confidence that if you do, your caregivers won’t let you down, and their satisfaction will help promote real growth for your agency.