Rexburg, Idaho, October 13, 2022—HCP, a leading provider of experience managementtraining, and reputation management, has released its first-ever State of Training Report.

Training has proven to be one of the most important factors an agency can leverage to influence the compliance, satisfaction, and retention of their care professionals. This Report will act as a guide for providers to drive compliance, while also reversing turnover, and improving care outcomes.  

The 2022 Report includes data collected from 335 agencies, representing private duty home care, home health, hospice, respite care, residential care, staffing services, palliative care, and payers & insurers.  

“Training rose to the number one complaint from care staff in 2021. It’s our responsibility to evaluate what other agencies are doing, how employees are responding, and what steps can be taken to provide a better work environment and care experience, but we can’t do that without the data,” said Kristen Duell, CMO at HCP. “The insights from the State of Training Report are invaluable for our industry and will allow agencies to make great strides toward more comprehensive training that solves some of post-acute care’s biggest challenges.”  

According to the Report, the top training weakness providers are facing in 2022 is being unable to engage staff in training; however, providers are seeing more engaged care teams because of increasing training and development efforts. Based on the data, it’s clear that a well-defined training ladder develops employees who are actively committed to their training. This ensures that agencies maintain compliance while keeping education easily accessible. 

To learn more about the State of Training in 2022, register for HCP’s free webinar on October 27th.

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