REXBURG—Home Care Pulse, the leading firm in quality assurance for private duty home care, announced today that it has partnered with Right at Home Corporate to offer satisfaction management to all Right at Home franchisees.

The Home Care Pulse satisfaction management program will provide franchisees with monthly client and caregiver interviews, measuring care and workplace satisfaction. These interviews will be integrated into regular reports and readable data for franchisees’ use in improving care. Right at Home Corporate will also have the ability to track the organization’s trends and satisfaction on both a regional and national level.

This extensive integration of the Home Care Pulse program represents Right at Home’s long-term commitment to providing excellent care and quality improvement. Mike Flair, Vice President of Franchise Business Solutions at Right at Home, said of the partnership, “Right at Home has made the decision to invest in providing the Home Care Pulse program to our franchisees with three primary goals in mind. First, Right at Home wants to provide an objective ‘voice of client and caregiver’ feedback loop to our franchisees and their staff. Second, Right at Home Corporate now has a ‘birds-eye view’ of the system with regards to client and caregiver satisfaction. And lastly, we plan to use the program to recognize and reward franchisees for quality. I’m pleased to say that in addition to recognizing revenue achievements, we will celebrate client and caregiver quality achievements from our system.”

Home Care Pulse looks forward to providing trackable satisfaction data to Right at Home franchisees. “Right at Home is a top provider of home care, and we anticipate seeing an even greater quality of care from its franchisees as this partnership moves forward,” says Erik Madsen, Chief Operating Officer at Home Care Pulse. “The Home Care Pulse program was designed to empower businesses and corporations like Right at Home, and we are excited to watch this organization grow with the implementation of the satisfaction management program.”

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