ReportHome Care Pulse is pleased to announce a few minor enhancements to the monthly Quality Satisfaction Management Reports.

These enhancements include:

Optional Priority/Strength Index Feedback

Home Care businesses will now have the option to display or not display the client/caregiver feedback associated with each of their 90 day priority/strength index results. The default option will be to display the feedback, but if a home care business owner would like to not have the feedback displayed, which will reduce the number of pages their report contains, they can do so by simply contacting customer support at [email protected] or 1-877-307-8573 and request to have the feedback turned off.

Best of Home Care Qualifications

In the fall of 2012 Home Care Pulse announced the new 2013 requirements for Best of Home Care awards which included:

  1. 10% client and/or caregivers interviewed on a monthly basis
  2. A minimum of two (2) client and/or caregiver interviews per month (for a complete listing of the Best of Home Care award criteria please visit

These enhancements to the qualifications were put in place to ensure that all participating agencies are being measured with the same sample size to ensure validity of the data.

These same requirements for achieving Best of Home Care will now be displayed on your monthly Quality Satisfaction Management Report so home care businesses will know exactly how they are doing in regards to the requirements for Best of Home Care awards. The new data being shown on the Quality Management Report will include:

  1. Client Interview Percentage and Frequency
  2. Caregiver Interview Percentage and Frequency
  3. Number of Client interviews Performed
  4. Number of Caregiver Interviews Performed

We invite you to take a look at these report enhancements and provide us with your feedback. Leave a comment below, comment on our Facebook page, or send a tweet to @homecarepulse. To see a sample report, please fill out the web form below.