Welcome back to our final installment of “Recharge Your Home Care Business” We hope you’ve enjoyed this series by Aaron Marcum, CEO and Founder of Home Care Pulse!

Leverage Client Satisfaction

Now for the resuscitation. Once you have measured and improved client and family satisfaction, it is time to leverage client satisfaction. Satisfied clients and families make great referral sources. Ask them to send their neighbors, friends, and family your way. Not only should you get referrals, but we have found our clients and their families send the best referrals.

Other ways to leverage satisfied clients is to ask clients and families to provide testimonials to be posted on your website. Many of our customers post on their websites the answers they received in the client satisfaction interviews we conduct for them.

Remember, the best way to know who your happy clients and families are is by capturing and measuring their satisfaction. I believe there is no better way to resuscitate or avoid a “business heart attack” all together, than to measure, improve, and leverage client satisfaction.