I’m Stepping Back—So Home Care Pulse Can Step Forward

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As a passionate entrepreneur, I excel as a trailblazer. After ten years of cutting through the brush and clearing the way, it’s time for me to delegate the tasks of paving roads and building homes to Erik and the rest of my team.

Customers, partners, and friends of Home Care Pulse,

After an incredible decade as the CEO of Home Care Pulse, I’ve decided to turn over the reins of the company to a new leader. Before I explain the details, let me give some background for this decision.

In 2002, I started my home care business with a passion to help others. Over the next seven years, my team and I grew it to become one of the largest home care agencies in the state of Utah. This was challenging, fulfilling, and as any agency owner knows, required a great deal of time. My family made sacrifices and supported me as I worked long hours to see the agency succeed.

My time running that agency demonstrated the need for better data and information in the home care industry. With this vision, I founded Home Care Pulse to help providers improve their quality of care and make informed decisions to grow their business. It’s been rewarding to see the impact that the Satisfaction Management Program and the Home Care Benchmarking Study have had upon the industry and thousands of seniors’ lives.

The Right Leadership Team

As Home Care Pulse has grown, I’ve been fortunate to be able to gather a passionate and driven leadership team who continually work to raise the company to new heights. Almost seven years ago, I brought on Erik Madsen, a seasoned leader with a long track record of impressive strategic leadership at a globally successful company. We’ve since brought on others—Jason Hamilton, Kire Madsen, Jeralyn Petterson, Lynsey Skinner, and Todd Austin, among others—who round out our leadership team and help Home Care Pulse better accomplish its mission. I’m extremely grateful for the exceptional talent and passion they each bring.

I brought on Erik years ago with the goal of eventually stepping away to slow down and spend more time with my family. Today, I’m excited to realize that that day has arrived. I believe that Home Care Pulse has outgrown its founder and needs fresh leadership to take it beyond the imaginable.

As a passionate entrepreneur, I excel as a trailblazer. After ten years of cutting through the brush and clearing the way, it’s time for me to delegate the tasks of paving roads and building homes to Erik and the rest of my team. I’m thrilled to announce that as of this week, Erik Madsen is replacing me as the CEO of Home Care Pulse.

Erik has spent almost seven years at Home Care Pulse preparing for this role and gained over two decades of experience in global business management prior to coming here. Many in the industry already know Erik as a leader with exceptional strategic skills and management ability; Home Care Pulse employees also know him as an exceptional mentor and friend to those around him. His leadership will have a powerful impact on Home Care Pulse and on the industry overall.

What’s Next?

While I will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations at Home Care Pulse, I will be staying with Home Care Pulse and the home care industry. I’m retaining my ownership of the company and will stay on as chairman to provide direction and vision where needed.

For the last year, Home Care Pulse has used a business operating system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) that specializes in helping organizations gain traction. I’ve become very passionate about EOS as I’ve seen the impact it’s had at Home Care Pulse. As a result, I’ve recently launched an EOS advisory company called VUE Advisors. I’m very excited to work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to help them roll out EOS within their organizations.

A Step Forward

While I used the phrase “stepping back” regarding my involvement at Home Care Pulse, in truth this is a powerful step forward for Home Care Pulse and for me personally. Erik, together with the exceptional leadership team we’ve gathered over the last few years, has the skill set, experience, and vision to make Home Care Pulse an even more powerful and versatile resource for home care agencies. Meanwhile, I look forward to being able to spend more time with my family, who have patiently sacrificed as I’ve dedicated much of my time to building this company, while still using the knowledge I’ve gained to help home care agencies succeed.

I’m exceptionally grateful—to my team at Home Care Pulse, to the agencies who work with us to improve lives, to our many strategic partners, and to my family. You continue to inspire me.

Warmest regards,

Aaron Marcum

Aaron Marcum
Founder & Chairman
Home Care Pulse

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