To meet the challenge of care professional shortages, what are now three separate processes need to be treated as
one unified process.

With the current care professional shortages, there simply aren’t enough care professionals to go around—even as demand for home care services is higher than ever.

There’s no simple fix for the problem. No silver bullet. And it’s unlikely to go away anytime soon. But there is a long-term solution:

Earn a reputation that makes care professionals come to you.

It’s easier said than done, but most agencies aren’t using all the available tools.

There are three key processes that can help you attract more care professionals long-term: caregiver feedback, care professional training, and online reputation management.

The home care agencies that attract top caregiving talent have changed the way they approach these processes.

These three process are really just one process:

The process of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, using training to turn weaknesses into strengths, and building a reputation that does justice to the employment and care experience you provide.

These cannot be done on occasion, in a vacuum, or by siloed team members that don’t coordinate.

They need to be consistent efforts that work together.

We built something to help.

Which is where our new colors and logo come in. They emphasize the change in our platform—separate platforms and brands are being united.

Recognizing how care professional shortages and rising demand have shifted the landscape in home care, we’ve adapted to meet the challenge.

All three of our main tools—Experience Management (formerly Experience Surveys), Training (formerly In the Know), and Reputation Management (formerly Review Manager)—are about to be housed in one unified platform to facilitate the synergy between these processes.

(If you’re already using our tools, everything you’re used to using will still be there; but in the next few weeks, you’ll see tabs to move easily between the different tools.)

We’re calling it the Care Intelligence Platform.

But this isn’t about us.

Learn What You Can Do

Our CEO Erik Madsen is holding a webinar on September 29th to explain more about why the solution to care professionals shortages and rising demand for home care is to unify your experience, training, and reputation management processes.

While we’ll discuss our platform near the end of the webinar, there will be strong takeaways for any agency–Home Care Pulse clients or otherwise.

Register if you want to start the process of becoming the agency care professionals compete to work for.

How to Grow Your Home Care Agency During A Historic Caregiver Shortage

How to Grow Your Home Care Agency During A Historic Care Professional Shortage

September 29, 2021 | 2:00pm EST | 60 min