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NAHC Member Discounts

Home Care Pulse has recently partnered with the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. As a NAHC Member, we’d like to offer you a discount on our Client & Care Professional Surveys and our Care Professional Training.

Caregiver Training

ITK-HCP Company

10-20% off

Caregiver Training (eLearning)

Download our program overview PDF to learn more about Care Professional Training.

How Our Care Professional Training eLearning Platform Works:

  • Easily Track Progress and Reports
    Our robust tracking and reporting system allows you to easily examine your course library and learning paths, track learner participation, create custom, automatic reports, mass print certificates, and more!

  • Learning For the Real World
    Whether on the job or on the run, care professionals can access important, need-to-know-now resources right from their smartphones with the In the Know On-the-go Wiki.

  • Gamification System Keeps Everyone Motivated
    Points are added to your team leaderboard as care professionals complete their training assignments. Employees can see where they stand and know precisely how to improve their position. They can even earn specialist badges by completing one of our Specialist Learning Paths

See why 6,000+ healthcare organizations trust In the Know to meet their care professional training needs.

Experience Surveys

Home Care Pulse

10-20% off

Client & Care Professional Experience Surveys

Download our program overview pdf to learn more about Experience Surveys.

How Client/Care Professional Surveys Work:

  • We Survey Your Clients and Care Professionals
    Each client or care professional we survey rates your agency across five categories and answers follow-up questions about their scores. You can also set up custom questions to get the insights most important to you.

  • You Receive Satisfaction Reports Every Month
    Learn which clients and care professionals are promoting your business, and what you can do to help more of them become promoters. See how your scores trend over time and compare against regional and national competition.

  • You Qualify for Best of Home Care Awards
    Based on the scores you receive from clients and care professionals, become eligible for Best of Home Care awards—the top awards in the home care industry. Additionally, we certify every agency in our program with Trusted Provider and Trusted Employer to give them third-party proof of their commitment to excellence.

Connect with one of our survey program experts to learn more and take advantage of NAHC member discounts today.