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Vision- The Home Care Leaders Podcast by Home Care Pulse
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M&A: Why You Need to Run Your Home Care Business as Though You’ll Own It for the Next 25 Years

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Welcome to Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast—a podcast that gives you an inside look at what’s happening in the home care industry. Host Miriam Allred, from Home Care Pulse sits down with agency executives to discuss pressing challenges, operational best practices, rising trends, and answer top-of-mind questions from providers around the nation. Catch a new episode of Vision, every Tuesday.

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  • Jennifer Michelle, President of Michelle Marketing Strategies highlights what is voice of customer marketing, how to capture it, and the best way to leverage it to bring in new clients for your agency.

  • Rachel Gartner, CEO of Care Work breaks down what a successful Indeed recruitment strategy includes, the current trends we're seeing on the platform and what social recruitment metrics every agency needs to be measuring.

  • Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers defines social determinants of health and the role of value-based care in the ever-changing healthcare industry. He'll also highlight how Senior Helpers is tracking outcomes and the results they're achieving.

  • Miranda Reece, VP of Operations & Patient Experience at Intrepid USA shares which technologies are having the greatest impact on home care and how our clients and employees are responding to them.

  • Tim and Gina Murray, Founders of Aware Senior Care in North Carolina, recently sold their $4M agency after just six years in business. They’ll discuss: what they did over the six years to build an agency that was sought after by acquirers and what life has been like post-sell.

  • Dawn Blackman, CEO of Home Care 1 in Cleveland, Ohio is here to share what strategies she used to get her business to over 850 billable hours in only 5 months of operation.

  • Gabby Hoing, Founder and CEO of Kore Cares in Sioux Falls, SD found her love for in-home care back when she started as a CNA 15 years ago. Gabby's here to discuss: why it's important to conduct 90-day reviews with your caregivers, how to reward caregivers & office staff with bonuses and additional compensation methods, and how having a community presence has resulted in more client and caregiver referrals.

  • Aaron Stapleton, Founder & CEO of Queen City Home Care in Cincinnati, Ohio explains why he started surveying his caregivers, what insights he's gained in the first three months, and how his agency is using survey feedback to not only retain, but also recruit vested caregivers.

  • Dustin Distefano, Founder and CEO of A Place at Home highlights the importance of a clearly defined caregiver journey. He breaks down: how to engage caregivers through meaningful touchpoints, how to create opportunities for advancement that ignite growth, and how engagement & professional growth lead to caregiver retention.

  • Lonnie Mayne, Founder of Red Shoes Living is a world-renowned speaker and author on humanizing the experience. He's here to share the 5-step framework of his philosophy: Red Shoes Living.

    Learn how to build enriched culture, establish leadership responsibility, develop team accountability or create standout client experiences through this 5-step framework that's designed to help individuals show up and put their best self forward every day.

  • Todd Allen, CEO of AxisCare and Ari Medoff, CEO of Arosa answer top questions agencies are asking about the current M&A landscape and highlight what executives need to understand about their business to be set up for a future buy/sell.

  • Steve "The Hurricane" unpacks the three most important things your agency can do today to prepare to sell. Whether you've been in business for a year, three-years or twenty years, it's never too early or too late to have this conversation.

Miriam Allred Vision Host

Miriam Allred

Vision Host, Partner Marketing Manager – Home Care Pulse

Miriam’s background in digital marketing for small businesses has stemmed into a passion to help home care owners and operators develop a new way of thinking about their business to drive long-term growth.

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