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Vision- The Home Care Leaders Podcast by Home Care Pulse
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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Care Finances in 2022

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Welcome to Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast—a podcast that gives you an inside look at what’s happening in the home care industry. Host Melissa Mendez, from Home Care Pulse sits down with agency executives to discuss pressing challenges, operational best practices, rising trends, and answer top-of-mind questions from providers around the nation. Catch a new episode of Vision, every Tuesday.

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  • David Ellenwood, Founder of Sunny Days in Home Care is here with his son-in-law John Bennett, now the current CEO, to talk about why they started a home care agency and how they've grown it to $14M+ as one of the fastest growing family-owned businesses in Pittsburgh.

  • Guy Tommasi, Owner of LIFETIME Care at Home is known as the data guru of the industry and he's here to tell us about value-based care, 4 data pillars to focus on and how his agency has managed to stand out from 600+ agencies in CT when it comes to getting referrals.

  • Emilie Bartolucci, Executive Director of PDHCA is here to talk about her journey to the home care industry and why that's led her to pursue a doctrate in organizational leadership. She's focusing her dissertation on the caregiver experience and the motivating factors that keep caregivers in the industry.

  • CEO, Neal Kursban and VP of Caregiver Services, Jen Sussman are here to talk about company culture being the foundation of recruitment, how to increase caregiver referrals from current staff and how to decrease your "no-show" rate for caregiver interviews.

  • Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology explains why 'jobs are products' as he breaks down top producing job sites, communication with applicants, recruitment strategies that drive ROI and recruitment technology trends to watch out for in 2021.

  • Andrea Cohen, Founder & CEO of HouseWorks talks about competing with unemployment, which tech tools and platforms are bringing applicants, and how to optimize and set goals that result in new hires.

  • Brian Petranick, CEO of international home care organization, Right at Home discusses why the consumers mindset has changed, why your agency is more agile than ever, which workplace adaptations are most beneficial and what opportunities you need to capitilize on now.

  • “It is absolutely going to be a challenge to get all this done,” says Vicki Hoak, Executive Director of the HCAOA. On this episode of Vision, Miriam and Vicki talk about the launch of 2 new Committees formed by the HCAOA, where the industry is heading over the next 12 months and what you can expect at the HCAOA’s Annual Leadership Conference.

  • Steve "The Hurricane" is here to talk about agency owners biggest challenges with recruitment/retention, sales/marketing and increasing existing revenue streams. He'll share a few of his professional coaching tips that can increase revenue, decrease turnover and boost your team's morale.

  • As Customer Success Managers at Home Care Pulse, Nick Mecham and Garth Crane have consulted with thousands of agency owners over the last five years. Here's what they've observed about the agency owners who succeed.

  • Michael Ferraina, CEO of JEVS Care at Home breaks down how to build a lasting culture, how you communicate and implement culture and why orienting your business around company culture will make the greatest difference to your quality of care.

  • Merrily Orsini, Founder and CEO of corecubed, dives into the current landscape of what is and isn't working in home care sales and marketing right now.


Melissa Mendez

Vision Host, Customer Marketing Specialist – Home Care Pulse

Melissa’s background in customer service and adult learning has grown into an eagerness to help agency owners and their caregivers improve client care through education and training.

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