HCP Acquires Activated Insights & Pinnacle Quality Insight

One team, a larger suite of tools

Drive more employee applicants and referrals through expanded certifications. Access deeper satisfaction insights, create action plans, and improve care outcomes. Support those action plans and outcomes with an effective training program. 

Better Together

HCP has acquired Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight. With our combined expertise, experience, and product offerings, we’ll be able to provide greater insights and tools to help businesses improve customer and employee experiences throughout the post-acute care industry.

“Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight will play a crucial role in the expansion of our service lines; complementing our other product offerings—allowing us to better support care outcomes and experiences. This accelerates our ability to offer more effective certifications to all segments of the post-acute care industry and enhance our experience surveys while drawing insights and benchmarks from the largest set of customer and employee experience data in post-acute and long-term care.”

Todd Austin, President, HCP

Integrated Solutions. Improved Care Outcomes.

Our partners and customers will continue to have access to their full suite of solutions
—now with additional tools that seamlessly complement each other.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand with the Great Place to Work Certification

Now all businesses offering post-acute care will be able to apply for the Great Place to Work certification to strengthen their employer brand.

Those that achieve the Great Place to Work certification see:

  • +20% employee applicants

  • Increased customer and employee referrals

  • Improved employee retention

Access the Largest Data Set in Post-Acute Care

By combining the industry benchmarking data from Activated Insights, Pinnacle Quality Insight, and the data from the HCP Benchmarking Reports, HCP now has the largest data set in the post-acute care industry and we’re eager to share it with you.

  • Gain insights for your business and the entire post-acute care industry

  • Compare outcomes and business metrics against industry benchmarks

  • Create informed action plans to surpass industry standards

Support Quality Care Outcomes with HCP Training

Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight customers will immediately have the opportunity to level-up their training program. Meet compliance standards and improve customer outcomes with a more effective training program.

  • 500+ RN-Developed Courses for multiple sectors of post-acute care

  • Easily manage and track compliance training

  • Provide ongoing and specialty training with Learning Ladders

Three Mission-Driven Organizations.
One Vision for Post-Acute Care.

Together, we create a powerful force to shape the industry.

Our Care Intelligence Platform offers RN-developed training, satisfaction surveys, and reputation management tools designed to help you become the best employer and provider in your area—and make sure everyone knows about it.

Our vision is to create a world where the standard of care delivered in a post-acute environment gives every customer, family member, and care provider peace of mind.

Conversation-Based Phone Surveys
  • Gauge the overall experience of your customers and employees through over-the-phone conversation.

  • See who’s a promoter of your business, and identify areas that need extra attention.

  • Give the option to remain anonymous to ensure open and honest feedback from customers and employees

Reputation Management
  • Amplify positive experiences and mitigate the damage caused by negative ones.

  • Generate and manage reviews from across the internet.

  • Attract more clients and job candidates.

Activated Insights is a leading employee and customer satisfaction analytics platform surveying over 1 million people in the senior living community. They also offer the nationally recognized Great Place to Work Certification, which leverages 30 years of research to quantify the current workplace culture and show how it compares to the best in the world.

Online Employee & Customer Surveys
  • Collect data at all stages of an employee and customer’s time with you.

  • Learn about employee and customer experiences and find trends that may need to be addressed

  • Make onboarding and training improvements by getting feedback from new hires

  • Better understand why people join and why people leave so that you can improve your organizational capacity

Action Plan Creation & Management
  • Take action on feedback insights with action plan outlines and management tools.

  • Determine what needs to be done, where training is needed, and track when a task has been completed.

Pinnacle Quality Insight is a leader in employee retention and customer satisfaction for senior care and senior living. Through surveys and software, it helps providers understand their customers’ and employees’ experiences. Pinnacle’s in-depth phone surveys and timely web surveys collect information, and its software reveals to providers what to celebrate and where to improve. With over 25 years in senior care and senior living, Pinnacle continues to be guided by its north star: People are our purpose.

Employee Retention Surveys
  • Get employee feedback through the Retain survey program. Send feedback surveys during their first few months of employment, annual engagement surveys, and exit surveys.

  • Address concerns & establish clear communication by prompting regular manager check-ins and notifying them of employees that are at risk of leaving.

  • Reduce turnover by 65% when managers engage with employee feedback during the first three months of employment.

Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Get rich customer feedback from pleasant phone surveys. This method makes it easy to share comments, yielding richer information.

  • Equip busy managers with simple, specific, and custom direction on how to improve the patient experience and how to celebrate successes.

  • Identify and manage potential risks uncovered from survey feedback. Get notified immediately of concerns like falls, potential lawsuits, or state involvement.

Customer Arrival Surveys
  • Set the tone for your customer experience by capturing new customer sentiment and immediate feedback during the customer arrival period

  • Catch Issues Immediately and address unmet customer expectations before an early discharge happens

  • Make responding easy by delivering surveys through SMS or directly to customer emails.

Aligned to Better Serve the Care Continuum

Combining the power of the Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight solutions with the HCP Care Intelligence Platform equips HCP customers with actionable insights to implement positive changes, deliver quality care, and make sure everyone knows about it.

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