3 Steps to Building a Solid Stream of Client Referrals

3 Steps to Building a Solid Stream of Client Referrals

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Are your clients your biggest promoters? Perhaps the greatest sign that a home care business has risen to new heights is when they can honestly boast: “Our current and past clients are our number one referral source.” In any business, in order to receive client referrals those clients have to be overly satisfied with the services provided. As a result, clients refer their friends and family, helping you to grow your client base. The happier your clients are, including their families, the more likely they are to refer your home care business. However, turning your clients into your best referrals does not happen overnight. So what can you do to ensure your clients are your best promoters?

Watch the replay for March’s CORE Webinar as Home Care Pulse Director of Business Development, Dee Armstrong, discusses the three steps to building a solid client referral program and how to get your promoters to refer often and consistently.

Dee Armstrong

Dee Armstrong Eds.ED
Director of Business Development
Home Care Pulse

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