38 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Remarkable Team

Motivation is tied to everything we do and every effort we make.   At work, it’s the reason some people go above and beyond while others get by doing the bare minimum. Did you know that motivation starts with DRIVE?  Everyone has some level of drive, but it’s personal and internal. You don’t have much control over another person’s drive.  But personal drive can be enhanced by external motivators.  That’s where you come in!

This resource will help you…
  • Better Client Care.   Happy and motivated Caregivers provide better client care.
  • Decreases Absences.   Employees who are energized and excited about work have few absences.
  • Improves Retention   You’ll keep your employees longer by keeping them motivated!
  • A Recruitment Tool.   You can always mention your motivators in your recruitment ads to increase your talent pool!

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