How to Ask For and Respond to Online Reviews

Give every online review, negative or positive, a careful response that builds trust in your brand and impresses people looking at your agency online. Capitalize on the right opportunities to get more online reviews by asking the right way at the right time.
Online reviews are extremely important channel for home care agencies to attract new clients. A good score with consistent reviews sends a strong message to the 92% of consumers who look at online reviews before making a purchase. However, you don’t have to have perfect ratings to make online reviews an advantage–the right response to a negative review sends the message that you truly care about your clients.

This resource will help you…

  • Respond to negative reviews in a way that impresses anyone who reads the review

  • Respond to positive reviews in a way that makes the most of them and encourages more

  • Ask for more reviews at the right times in the right way

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