Data benchmarking has shifted from an advantage to a necessity for providers who want to remain competitive. You need benchmarking to have a concrete understanding of how your business is performing. When you know your numbers and understand how your business is really performing, you can make critical decisions with confidence and effectively manage your home care agency.

Join us for November’s CORE Webinar as Home Care Pulse Director of Operations, JC Weber, covers which data points are the most crucial for you to track and discusses the numbers behind home care benchmarking data. FHS Senior Care Payment Solutions CEO, Matt Capell will also be joining the webinar to cover three financial benchmarks to help with Balance Sheet and Cash Flow analysis. Benchmarks to be covered include:

  • Average Lifetime Value of Clients

  • Annual Revenue

  • Sales per Full-Time Employee

  • Days Sales Outstanding

  • Days Payable Outstanding

Gain a better understanding of key financial and operational numbers, and define and utilize the power of benchmarking in your business.

JC Weber

JC Weber
Director of Operations
Home Care Pulse