The New Caregiver Retention Strategy

Addressing Shifting Needs Throughout the Caregiver Journey

About this Guide

Caregivers have different needs and concerns at different stages of their time with your agency. While the circumstances of every individual and agency are different, there are sets of general needs that evolve over time for caregivers. Addressing these needs specifically, rather than trying to treat all caregivers the same, will make your efforts to increase retention much more powerful. We’ve spent ten years surveying caregivers to understand what they want and how these needs change over time—here are some of our key takeaways.

This resource will help you…

  • Understand how caregivers’ priorities evolve over time

  • Learn specific best practices to use at each phase of the journey

  • Address caregiver turnover and retention in a more focused, powerful way

  • Gain the knowledge to retain more caregivers

The New Caregiver Retention Strategy

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