Staffing your home care business can at times be a careful balancing act. It requires providers to both prepare for growth while maintaining a cautious outlook on the future. If providers are not careful in gauging that balance, their companies may forfeit profits and future growth at the expense of unnecessary staff. Overstaffing can slow the progress of your company or sink it entirely, if you’re not careful. Similarly, understaffing exhausts current employees, lowering morale and negatively impacting the quality of care. So, how do you know when your home care company is properly staffed?

Join Home Care Pulse COO, Erik Madsen, as he discusses how to determine if your business is over- or understaffed. Learn how to determine how many office staff members you need to thrive, as well as the industry median annual salaries for these positions. Determine your business size, and discover what the proper organizational structure for a small, medium, or large home care business should look like.

Erik Madsen

Erik Madsen
Home Care Pulse