Master Recruiting Series

Have you turned away cases because you couldn’t staff them? Or maybe you’re just ready to build an efficient and effective recruiting process that will enable you to continue growing your business?

HCP has partnered with the recruitment experts at CareWork to put together a course specifically designed to provide agency owners and operators with a data-based strategy to overcome any hiring challenges—and we’re making it available in our learning system free of charge to any agency.

With nearly 100% of agencies saying that workforce shortages had a negative impact on their business in 2021, we’re breaking down the key steps you need to take to have the upper hand in finding, hiring, and keeping the best caregivers.

This Series will help you:
  • Identify exactly where in your recruiting process you’re losing caregivers
  • Keep your entire team focused on hiring more caregivers
  • Attract high-quality applicants online
  • Learn how to get caregivers excited about your agency and increase your show-up rates

  • Build a strong foundation for success with your recruitment efforts

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