Nutrition, Food Safety and Cooking Skills Gap Challenge

About this Guide

Do your caregivers know how to  . . .

Boil an egg?

Broil a chicken?

Brew a cup of coffee?

Bake a casserole?

These may seem like simple — and maybe even unimportant tasks — but to clients, it can be EVERYTHING! In fact, mealtime may be the most important part of their day.

Familiar foods, cultural favorites, and holiday meals do more than feed the body; they provide comfort, decrease depression, help form bonds, and bring a sense of order to the world.

There’s a skills gap in this arena.

We recently surveyed every caregiver who took our course on Activities of Daily Living. The results showed:

More than 90% of Caregivers are confident in their
ability to prepare healthy and tasty meals for their clients.

On the flipside, Caregivers Kitchen surveyed administrators from home care organizations across the country and learned:

Nearly 90% of administrators reported that they
had received cooking-related complaints from their clients.

It’s no wonder there’s a gap between what caregivers think they know about cooking, food safety, and nutrition—and what clients say about those skills. There aren’t many instances where training in nutrition or food safety is required for caregivers. And when training is required, it seldom covers cooking for chronic conditions, meeting the needs of clients from different cultures, or keeping clients safe from foodborne illnesses.

That’s where Caregivers Kitchen comes in!

Caregivers Kitchen fills the skills gap. Chef Beth’s cooking videos, quick tips, recipes, and more help staff learn to prepare safe and healthful meals, cook their clients’ favorite foods, and manage nutrition for chronic disease.

Is your team In the Know?

Download the new Skills Gap Challenge in nutrition, food safety, and cooking skills. Use it to measure your team’s knowledge of cooking, nutrition, and food safety for clients.

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