OASIS D-1 to OASIS E Crosswalk

New OASIS-E upgrades go into effect on January 1st, 2023; are you ready to engage and prepare your staff for the new changes?  

We’ve created a free crosswalk to help agencies navigate these regulatory updates. Our crosswalk provides a concise reference of each OASIS-E assessment category and code, including a flag of which OASIS assessment items have been removed, updated, and newly created.  

This resource will help home health clinicians: 
  • Know exactly where to find every assessment item within the new OASIS-E 
  • Focus on all of the OASIS-E categories and coding options 
  • Compare the familiar OASIS-D1 to OASIS-E in seconds with a portable PDF 
Use our crosswalk as a daily tool for your clinicians to understand and immediately implement OASIS-E in the field. 

Download Resource