Sample Caregiver Hiring Strategy

Why Caregivers Stay: Retaining Caregivers Beyond 90 Days

A caregiver’s first 90 days of employment are crucial regarding their long-term retention. Learn what you can do to make this time count.

About this Webinar Replay

Learn from Home Care Pulse Founder & CEO, Aaron Marcum, and ClearCare Founder & CEO, Geoff Nudd, as they share valuable data and insights that will help you keep your caregivers for the long-term, so you can grow a sustainable home care business.

In this webinar you will learn…

  • How to hire right and keep your bench full.

  • Ways to keep your new caregivers engaged and connected early on.

  • Top retention methods used by leaders in the industry.

  • Key metrics that you need to watch in order to drive retention.

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