Download the 2022 State of Training Report!

In 2021, we talked to over 80,000 care professionals, and they told us their #1 complaint: training.  

The good news: it doesn’t have to continue that way.  

The data in this report will give you perspective from some of the most successful agencies across the country, identify where you should be investing time and money in training, and help you understand how a successful training program can help you hire and retain more care professionals. 

This Report provides the resources you need to take a data-driven approach to your own training program. It is designed to help clearly outline the most common training practices, how effective those practices are, and which challenges are most relevant to your agency.  

The Report Covers:

  • Top Training Priorities of 2022

  • The Impact of Staff Development & Training

  • Training Types Used in 2021

  • Median Hours of Onboarding & Ongoing Training Offered by Agencies

  • The Most Important Features of a Training Program

  • Motivation Methods Used to Get Employees to Complete Training

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