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Local data as well as agency-specific data should paint a picture for the direction home care is evolving around you and inside your agency. This data should act as a key component in your decision making and reinforce action plans that follow those decisions.

Home Care Pulse would like to share with you the top KPIs affecting home care agencies from a local perspective. Download the free report now.

What to expect in the report:

  • Revenue Percentile Rankings

  • Client Acquisition Cost

  • Client Turnover Rate

  • Client Average Length of Service

  • Client Lifetime Value

  • Median Hiring Ratio

  • Caregiver Acquisition Cost

  • Caregiver Turnover Rate

  • Lifetime Value of a Caregiver

  • Median Hourly Caregiver Pay Ranges

  • Median Office-Staff Turnover

  • Sales per Full-Time Employee

  • List of local Best of Home Care Award-winning agencies

2019 California State Report

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