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2017 Tour de Cure

29.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, and each year 1.4 million more Americans are diagnosed. Of these 29.1 million Americans, approximately 25.9% are seniors, with that number continuing to grow. At Home Care Pulse, we are committed to doing our part to help improve the lives of [...]

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Here’s What’s Been Happening in VANTAGE Executive so Far This Year

Did you know that VANTAGE Executive members benefit from additional VANTAGE features? If you’re not an Executive member, you’ve been missing out on many opportunities to help you solve problems within your business and help it grow! VANTAGE Executive includes monthly Executive Workshops that include webinars, action plans and helpful [...]

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VANTAGE Begins Today: A Letter from Aaron Marcum, CEO of Home Care Pulse

The following is a letter from Home Care Pulse CEO Aaron Marcum to all Home Care Pulse customers, regarding the launch of VANTAGE, powered by Home Care Pulse. VANTAGE provides home care business owners with the information and tools they need to build a successful home care business. Learn more about VANTAGE. [separator, top="20" style="single"] Today [...]

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How to Use Best of Home Care Awards in Your Marketing

As a home care provider, your potential clients are out there, right now, struggling. They’re struggling with the idea of losing independence. They’re struggling with decreasing mobility and increasing health problems. If they’re currently acting as a family caregiver for another person needing care, they’re struggling with feelings of guilt [...]

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