Rodney Wacker

Owner of Celestial Care, AZ

Rodney WackerAs a home care provider, our reputation is everything. Home Care Pulse has allowed us to monitor it very closely. With Home Care Pulse Certification and the Best of Home Care Awards, both of which we have received the past several years in a row, we can now show current and potential clients that we are truly dedicated to providing the best home care possible – we make sure everyone knows it.

A few years ago, I was able to acquire Celestial Care from the founders of the company after spending eighteen years with a management consulting company. Shortly thereafter, I attended my first National Private Duty Association conference. While attending the conference, I met the folks with Home Care Pulse. Because of my management consulting background, I knew the value of getting unfiltered feedback from both clients and employees. I was impressed with the methodology that Home Care Pulse utilized in the survey process. While numerical ratings are important, the real value for Celestial Care are the comments that are gathered from those who are surveyed.

Once Home Care Pulse began the survey process, Celestial Care consistently received high ratings from our clients. However, the ratings from our caregivers were another story. We discovered that our caregivers wanted a better new hire orientation, more recognition from their supervisor for their work and better support from the office staff. Because of that feedback, we implemented a more thorough orientation for new hires and more frequent caregiver team meetings where we provide them the positive feedback for their work. These team meetings also improve the relationship between the office staff and caregivers. As a result, we have lowered caregiver turnover by 25%. In addition, many of the caregivers now refer their friends to Celestial Care for employment which has resulted in higher quality applicants for us to interview and hire.

Home Care Pulse has been highly supportive and provides excellent services to their home care agency clients. They have frequent webinars and provide other resources that have helped us improve our business performance in the field, resulting in longer term clients and a more satisfied caregiver team. I can’t recommend them strongly enough!

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