Mentors International perpetually supports small business owners in third-world countries. They help those who need a little support in the fight to move from poverty to self-reliance by providing microloans. The average microloan amount is just $117. Often this is how little it takes to help these small business owners increase their income, support their families, grow their business, and build their local economies as well. This is a real story of how your donations can change the lives of struggling individuals.

Maximo Chovix (Guatemala)

“He works hard to provide for his family and to create jobs”

Mentors Internetaional Featured story - Maximo Chovix

Maximo Chovix is a successful strawberry farmer. He has been a client of Mentors Guatemala for four years.However, before Mentors came into his life, he and his family lived in a mud hut and struggled to survive. Then Chovix received a loan from Mentors and began growing strawberries on his land. With a second loan, he hired employees to keep up with demand.

Chovix now has 12 employees and together they produce 1400 pounds of strawberries per week. His mud hut is now a home with ceramic floors and a concrete wall. He is one of the first people in Guatemala to receive permission to export his strawberries to the United States. In his proactive way, Chovix is even seeking qualification to enter the European strawberry market.

We invite you to make a donation to Mentors International to help fund microloans for struggling small business owners like Maximo. Visit the Mentors International donation page by clicking here. Your donations are gifts that perpetually give to help strengthen economies, increase jobs, and brighten the futures of many. As loans are repaid, more individuals can benefit.

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