Mentors International perpetually supports small business owners in third-world countries. They help those who need a little support in the fight to move from poverty to self-reliance by providing microloans. The average microloan amount is just $117. Often this is how little it takes to help these small business owners increase their income, support their families, grow their business, and build their local economies as well. This is a real story of how your donations can change the lives of struggling individuals.

Carmen Vilchez (Lima, Peru)

“She overcame her fears and started her own business.”

Mentors Month Carmen Vilchez

Carmen Vilchez started sewing for a clothing shop at age 20 and discovered it was her passion. She began taking every opportunity to learn and expand her knowledge of making patterns and clothing designs.

When Carmen discovered Mentors International, she quit her job at the clothing shop and started her own business. Carmen’s first micro loan was for $185 which she used to buy materials. She took orders for custom dresses from a shopping center, and her business grew.

At age 36, Carmen now employs her mom, aunt, sister, and a friend. Because of faithful repayment over the last five years, she now has a loan from Mentors International for $1300.  Like many other Peruvians, Carmen and faced debilitating economic roadblocks but is now reaching her dreams and providing for her three children because of a micro loan through Mentors International.

We invite you to make a donation to Mentors International to help fund microloans for struggling small business owners like Carmen. Visit the Mentors International donation page by clicking here. Your donations are gifts that perpetually give to help strengthen economies, increase jobs, and brighten the futures of many. As loans are repaid, more individuals can benefit.

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