Exclusive Offer for Visiting Angels

Connect, Qualify, and Schedule Interviews Faster than Humanly Possible

Pre·Intent is an automated outreach and engagement platform that allows you to connect, qualify, interview, and hire top caregivers faster than humanly possible.

Visiting Angles Cyber Monday Special!

Visiting Angels newsletter subscribers who enroll in Pre-Intent by December 29th, 2023, will improve recruiting speed, reduce interview no-shows, boost hiring success, and enjoy the following savings:

No Activation Fee
(a $99 savings)

No Monthly Fee
(until January 2024)

The sooner you enroll, the more you save! 

Don’t lose another top candidate due to slow, manual hiring processes.

Schedule a guided tour today to see how Pre-Intent helps you win the recruitment race.

Take Advantage
of the Exclusive Offer

*PHI (2019, January 24). New Research: 7.8 Million Direct Care Jobs Will Need to Be Filled by 2026. PHI National. Retrieved October 1, 2023, from https://www.phinational.org/news/new-research-7-8-million-direct-care-jobs-will-need-to-be-filled-by-2026/

If You’re Not First,
They Won’t Last

In today’s competitive hiring environment, the most qualified front-line workers are on the job market for less than three days before receiving an offer. You have to be one of the first to connect and make an offer to stand a chance. Pre-Intent’s always-on recruiting engine and game-changing speed makes that possible.

Satisfy Your Need for Speed…and Much More!

In addition to increasing your odds of acquiring top talent by reaching them first, Pre-Intent delivers on multiple fronts throughout the recruitment process:

Eliminate wasted time and money

Reduce wasted time and costs of being ghosted by candidates who’ve taken another job by interviewing them first.

Fill the calendar

Win the numbers game by filling your interview calendar and keeping it full.

Simplify scheduling

Eliminate phone and calendar tag with synchronized scheduling that allows candidates to pick preferable appointments.

Reengage and nurture

Stay top of mind with previous applicants through automated reengagement and nurturing campaigns.

Increase efficiency

Connect with more candidates and reduce hiring times by 70% or more.