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60 Questions in 60 Minutes | The Top Way to Elevate Your Agency

On-Demand Webinar

If we told you that with just 60 questions you could have a better grasp on where your business is currently than ever before, would you want them?

Join Todd Austin, COO of Home Care Pulse and Clint + Jessica Nobles, Founders of Home Care Ops and Owners of Nobility Care Solutions as they walk through the contents of 8 loaded pages and answer all your questions!

They’ll hit on:

  • Where to focus your sales & marketing efforts and what strategies are working

  • Caregiver recruitment and retention data that will help you make informed decisions

  • What operational metrics you should track and why

  • Top financial questions you should be asking yourself to see how you stack up to competition

They’ll spend 30 minutes diving into the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of these questions and then open it up for a 30-minute live Q&A for you to ask specific questions about how to complete these 60 questions to elevate your business.

Presented by:

Jessica Nobles headshot

Jessica Nobles | Owner
Nobility Care Solutions

With over a decade of Home Care leadership and knowledge, Jessica Nobles’ worked her way up through every position from Caregiver, Operations Coordinator, and Franchise Developer.  As the founder and owner of Nobility Care Solutions, a multi-state In-Home Care agency, she turned a $3,000 investment into a six figures income within the first year.  Now, as a nationally recognized speaker and the Executive Administrator for Home Care Ops, she mentors and empowers other owners and operators to create unlimited success through grassroots marketing, creative community engagements, and referral partnerships that generate recurring revenue.

Clint Work headshot

Clint Nobles | Founder & Operational Methodologist
Home Care Ops

As an Operational Methodologist, Clint brings over 20 years of business development and management experience. In this role, he has helped both local and national corporations across multiple industries refine and adapt their operational structures. Driven by a passion to end owner exhaustion and operator burnout, he founded Home Care Ops to help revolutionize Care Agencies across the nation.  As a nationally sought after speaker, Clint empowers others to create duplicatable systems and operational strategies that generate lasting success and help them take true control of their businesses.

Todd Austin

Todd Austin | COO
Home Care Pulse

An Idaho-born sales and marketing expert, Todd Austin is recognized as an important voice in the up and coming home care industry. Todd has led record-breaking sales teams for over a decade and taken leadership roles in several fast-growing technology companies. A sought-after speaker and innovative thinker in-home care, he is passionate about delivering resonant messages, growing businesses, and helping others achieve their potential. Before his time at Home Care Pulse, he led teams for both million and billion-dollar organizations. Outside the office, you can find Todd spending time with his family or out on the golf course.

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