60 Questions in 60 Minutes | The Top Way to Elevate Your Agency

If we told you that with just 60 questions you could have a better grasp on where your business is currently than ever before, would you want them?

Join Todd Austin, COO of Home Care Pulse and Clint + Jessica Nobles, Founders of Home Care Ops and Owners of Nobility Care Solutions as they walk through the contents of 8 loaded pages and answer all your questions!

They’ll hit on:

  • Where to focus your sales & marketing efforts and what strategies are working

  • Caregiver recruitment and retention data that will help you make informed decisions

  • What operational metrics you should track and why

  • Top financial questions you should be asking yourself to see how you stack up to competition

They’ll spend 30 minutes diving into the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of these questions and then open it up for a 30-minute live Q&A for you to ask specific questions about how to complete these 60 questions to elevate your business.



Jessica - 400x400

Jessica Nobles
Owner, Nobility Care Solutions

Clint - 400x400

Clint Nobles
Founder & Operational Methodologist Home Care Ops

Todd Austin
COO, Home Care Pulse

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