Chat With the Experts: Our Team’s Takeaways from the 2019 Home Care Benchmarking Study

From cutting hiring costs to focusing on the right marketing sources to streamlining operations, agencies succeeding in 2019 are those using data to make better business decisions.

The Home Care Benchmarking Study is the most comprehensive survey of home care providers available anywhere. Join Erik Madsen, Home Care Pulse CEO, and Todd Austin, Home Care Pulse Director of Business Development, for a live conversation as they discuss their takeaways from this year’s study and answer your questions about the data.

This webinar covers…

  • What the minds behind the Study think this year’s trends mean for the industry

  • How to use data from the Benchmarking Study to make decisions that grow your business

  • The answers to your questions about the Study and its data

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Erik Madsen | CEO
Home Care Pulse

Before joining Home Care Pulse, Erik spent eighteen years working with a global consumer products company covering sales, marketing, customer support, and operations. Erik has a master’s degree in business management from Idaho State University, and he loves using his knowledge and experience to help others succeed and organize chaos into functioning systems and processes.

Todd Austin

Todd Austin | COO
Home Care Pulse

An Idaho-born sales and marketing expert, Todd Austin is recognized as an important voice in the up and coming home care industry. Todd has led record-breaking sales teams for over a decade and taken leadership roles in several fast-growing technology companies. A sought-after speaker and innovative thinker in-home care, he is passionate about delivering resonant messages, growing businesses, and helping others achieve their potential. Before his time at Home Care Pulse, he led teams for both million and billion-dollar organizations. Outside the office, you can find Todd spending time with his family or out on the golf course.

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