The State of Post-Acute Care in 2023

With the release of the 2023 HCP Benchmarking Report, we have new data and insights on how post-acute care businesses have been impacted by ongoing industry challenges, and what the most successful organizations are doing to overcome them.

Join HCP for a 6-part webinar series breaking down the key findings from each section of the 2023 HCP Benchmarking Report, including sales & marketing, recruitment & retention, finance, operations, training, and the customer/employee experience. We’ll be joined by valued industry partners to review emerging trends, business insights, actionable data, and next steps you can take to continue growing your business.

June 14th – Sales & Marketing

June 28th – Recruitment & Retention

July 12th - Finance

July 26th – Operations

August 9th - Training

August 23rd- The Customer & Employee Experience

Even if you can’t make it to all of the live webinars, register anyway and we’ll send out the recordings of each as soon as they’re available.

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