Building Learning Ladders to Improve Engagement – And Why It’s the Key to Long-Term Employees

We surveyed 80,000 employees last year, asking them to rate their agency in 7 categories. Training received was the second lowest score.

Considering the current state of the workforce, the takeaway is clear: post-acute care becomes a high-turnover industry when employees don’t see their place in it long-term.

Without adequate training and advancement, employees feel stagnant in their roles, often leading them to look for new opportunities elsewhere. By providing your care staff a chance to upskill and advance within your agency, you’re opening a window of opportunity to improve turnover and set the bar higher with your recruitment efforts.

Join us to discuss how to create a career ladder that builds leaders within your organization and fosters a culture of engagement and lifelong learning.
During the webinar, we will break down:
  • How to help your employees climb the learning ladder and gain knowledge, experience, and confidence
  • The three levels of the learning ladder: competent, proficient, and expert
  • How to create a training plan that promotes growth and engagement
  • What steps every agency needs to take to keep their employees long-term


Amber Monroe
Director of Customer Success,
Home Care Pulse

Ryan O’Donnell
GPM, Hireology

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