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Caregiver Retention Starts at Recruitment

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
2pm Eastern | 30 minutes + Q&A

An effective caregiver retention strategy has multiple facets that address turnover in several ways. There is no silver bullet, but every effective strategy must begin at caregiver recruitment. In this webinar, data expert and Home Care Pulse Director of Operations, JC Weber, will help you create or refine your hiring and training strategies so you can start driving retention and reducing caregiver turnover.

In this webinar you will…

  • Learn about the latest data and trends on caregiver turnover and shortages.

  • Find out how the recruiting methods of home care leaders differ from the home care industry as a whole.

  • Get insights from the 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study on caregiver turnover rates from different sources

  • Discover which caregiver acquisition sources are most cost-effective.

Presented by:

Lynsey Skinner, Home Care Pulse

JC Weber, Director of Operations
Home Care Pulse

JC started working at Home Care Pulse as a data analysis intern focusing on the Annual Benchmarking Study, a project that he has headed ever since. JC honed his skills in data analysis while studying financial economics at BYU-Idaho, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. JC specializes in collaborating with team members to create systems and processes that increase efficiency. He enjoys setting business priorities that focus on improving the customer experience. When he’s not in the office, you can find JC spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors.

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